Download RocketClip

RocketClip can be downloaded and evaluated for free for 7 days. A license must be purchased for continued use.
Latest Release: 2020.5.1
Runs on Windows 10.
Release Notes
Version: 2020.5.1
25 May 2020
  • Moved run as administrator button to be inline with each search result entry
  • Installer is now signed with an EV certificate
Version: 2020.4.1
28 Apr 2020
  • Added run as administrator button to search window
  • Fixed but with shortcut dialog causing crash
Version: 2020.3.1
04 Mar 2020
  • Added cursor magnifier to screenshot tool
  • Added selection/window dimensions on screenshot tool
Version: 2020.2.3
28 Feb 2020
  • Fixed bug where DB fails to create
Version: 2020.2.2
18 Feb 2020
  • Added new clipboard filter buttons
  • New clipboard layout
  • Added option to switch from horizontal to vertical clipboard layout
Version: 2020.2.1
13 Feb 2020
  • Added new application icons for clipboard entries
  • Restructure Clipboard model to support advanced clipboard types
  • Bug Fix: Copying from Adobe Illustrator was not working
Version: 2020.1.1
03 Jan 2020
  • Bug Fix: Clipboard entries get overridden when at the top at the list
  • Restructure user settings to make them more usable
  • Added a new control for selecting keyboard shortcuts
  • Bug Fix: Screenshot cursor position offset
Version: 2019.12.6
19 Dec 2019
  • Added a new control for selecting files and folders
  • Added clipboard preview control
  • New setup wizard for configuring RocketClip
  • Ability to show/hide clipboard windows with the same key combination
Version: 2019.12.5
05 Dec 2019
  • Launcher now shows Microsoft Store apps
  • Fixed bug with updater not finding latest version
  • Bug Fix: Exception when launching on Windows startup
  • Updated Clipboard icons
Version: 2019.11.1
01 Nov 2019
  • Bug Fix: duplicate clipboard entry
  • Added combine command for combining clipboard entries
  • Bug fix: error when deleting first clipboard entry
  • Added ability to pin clipboard entries